Photographer | Journalist

Graeme Green

Graeme Green is a British photographer and journalist. For more than 20 years, he has travelled the world with a camera and a notepad, from Japan to Haiti to Ethiopia. His work encompasses traditional and modern cultures, global issues, wildlife and outdoor adventure.

“Graeme Green photographs diverse cultures, landscapes and wildlife with creativity, patience and sensitivity. His richly colourful images convey appreciation and respect for the enchanted, beautiful world we are fortunate to inhabit.” (Michael Kenna)

“Graeme Green’s skills pack a one-two punch for writing and photography. As a writer, he brings humour and compassion to his subjects; as a photographer, he brings them to life.” (Art Wolfe)

“Graeme Green has an eye for capturing cultures with a particular sensitivity. He gives a vibrant testimony of the world we live in.” (Steve McCurry)